Igitabo ciza canditswe na Jackson Nahayo” Left for dead” casohotse.

Jackson Nahayo yari umwana w’impunzi, aho intambara yaduka ku gatumba iwabo. Yarafise imyaka itandatu gusa aho yanyuruzwa n’abitwaje ibirwanisho akajananwa na mushiki wiwe. Yarakubiswe nabo ba ruburakigongwe bamuta mugahinga ka nyaganande nkuwapfuye.

Yahavuye arokoka aca mubihugu vyinshi gushika aho yiga amashure y’ubuganga muri canada.

Ubu yaratashe gufasha abo yasize inyuma akoresheje ibitaro vyiwe vy’intwa  » Ubuntu Clinique »


Jackson Nahayo was a former child refugee when war came to his village.  When he was six years old he was kidnapped by a rebel group, along with his sister only to be severely beaten and left to die alone in the jungle.  What followed was a long journey for him as he travelled through three other countries before finally receiving refugee status here in Canada.  Jackson was determined to use his blessings to rebuild his country and after graduating with a 4 year degree in health care at the University of Manitoba, he returned to Burundi to build a medical clinic.

Ubuntu Clinique offers health care to the rural communities in his home province as well as neighbouring Congo and Rwanda.  Up to 300 people per day walk through the clinic doors, even though there are only 32 beds.

The clinic often deals with cases of malaria, anemia, infectious diseases, diabetes, hypertension, as well as victims of injuries from motor vehicle accidents and land mines or other explosives.  Recently a maternity ward was established with the donation of an ultrasound machine.

Currently his clinic is unable to treat patients suffering from cancer and major surgeries, and will sometimes try to refer those individuals to larger clinics in the capital city of Bujumbura.  However, financial resources are limited and many times those cases are not able to receive treatment.

As health care is not free in Burundi, we need your support to keep the clinic in operation.  If you would like to support Jackson in his work of bringing healing to Burundi please consider donating now.


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